Sports Medicine

Sports & Exercise Physicians are registered medical professionals specialising in sports and exercise medicine. Our BOSIC Sports Physicians are hands on when it comes to the treatment and prevention of your sports injuries. They can also help improve your physical fitness.

These physicians have experience in dealing with a range of musculoskeletal joint problems. They are committed to providing specialist clinical and diagnostic services and use innovative treatment interventions to optimise recovery and prevent future injuries.

At Barangaroo Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Clinic, our Sports Physicians are leaders in their field, working with athletes at the the NRL and A-League level and other national and international athletes. While this does keep them busy, they also lend their expertise to the everyday athlete.

Our specialists also focus on the benefits of being active through all stages of life as well as the effects that heart disease and diabetes have on recreational activity.

So if you’re looking to achieve personal fitness goals, manage a long-term injury, improve your health or if you’ve struggled to get results from other treatments, our Sports Doctors are the best people to contact.


You will need a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) to see our Specialists to be able to claim a rebate from Medicare.