Exercise Physiology

An exercise physiologist is a specialist in the human body specifically targeting exercise and movement for prevention and management of injuries and chronic conditions. They are the highest qualified trainers as they hold a four year university degree, and have a very in depth knowledge of the human body.

An exercise physiologist delivers a holistic program based around each individual person and what they want to achieve and how to achieve that goal based on nutrition, exercise, behaviour and movement demands. Resistance based exercise forms the foundation of any program and this allows for specific individual progressions determined by a clients current training status, movement capacity and end goals.

An exercise physiologist can train any person ranging from someone that hasn’t exercised for 30 years to someone who needs programming for a marathon; due to their vast clinical knowledge and ability to prescribe exercises.

Musculoskeletal & Injury Rehabilitation

Chronic Conditions

Pre & Post Surgery

Strength & Conditioning

Sports Performance

Corporate Health Programs

Medicare / DVA / WorkCover

Women’s Health / Pregnancy

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