Many of you will be familiar with Physitrack for your rehab programs. We also use it a lot to communicate with our clients internationally and who are travelling with work as well as those who just want an individually designed program just for them. 

Physitrack for your rehab programs

What is a telehealth consultation?

A tele-health consult is a video face to face consultation with your treating practitioner. They are not a replacement of treatment or assessment in house but can be used well when people are unable to get to their on site appointment. They are very helpful for those working remotely, on the go, or frequent travelers. 

How is it different to an on-site consultation?

As therapists, we are very reliant on our hands to assess and feel what we think maybe going on which we cannot do over the phone. However, these consults are great if people have questions about certain exercises they’re doing, while others may want to discuss their injury process, certain postural or movement problems and need help finding a solution.

We are also able to show and tell, demonstrating exercise progressions, correct technique and testing certain movement and strength parameters. 



PhysiApp Telehealth call

How do I book in?

Just book in for your usual scheduled appointment, either online or give our team a call on 8599 9811. Please mention “Telehealth” so our team can send you our information document with how to prepare and set up!



What are the inclusions & fees?

You will get 1:1 video consultation with the practitioner of your choice. The therapist will assess via video, taking a progress report and ask you to perform movements as required.

Review, implementation or progression of your rehabilitation program and management plan

Consultations are offered with a fee reduction of $25 on our on site fees. If you have additional questions, feel free to call us at 8599 9811.