3 Myths About Back Pain

 Do you or have you ever suffered with back pain? This is an important article that could make the world of difference to you.
Around 50% of people who experience back pain will experience it again! Learning how to manage it is crucial.

With back pain if it’s not addressed by someone with a proven track record and that sees this day in day out then the rehabilitation road could be longer than necessary. It is very common for discomfort in your back to decrease your overall exercise levels, it can affect your confidence to move and commonly disturbs regular sleep patterns. When you see an expert, someone who lives and breathes treating back pain every day, you’ll finally be in the right hands so that you can get the right information, a plan that will enable you to get back to loving your life of activity and being more “you”.

We see people everyday confused about what exercises they can and can’t do, and I always get asked “Is training with back pain making it worse?”

Man training upper body with weighted ropes to help relieve back pain while woman instructs beside him

If you have ever wanted to understand when training with pain is ok, please read these three golden nuggets below.

1. Exercise will make my pain worse: This is a common misconception, as movement and exercise is imperative for you to get yourself pain free. THE SECRET = you need to be doing the right exercises for you and your back pain. We often hear that a gym class or a deadlift increases discomfort. It’s not that these are not bad exercises, they just might not be what you need right now. 
2. My back is ‘out of place’ and ‘weak’ so I can’t train: The body is amazing at adapting to new loads, developing strength and repairing itself. It is constantly remodeling! This is the best news, as this means if you are given the correct prescription of exercise then you have the ability to address your pain mechanisms.
3. I only need to strengthen my back: Your body moves as one and therefore we need to make sure we assess your whole body. Focusing on strengthening your movement patterns, areas of weakness and aggravating positions is our preferred way to effectively manage discomfort. 
By Exercise Physiologist, Rachael Kent
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