The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018)



Over the summer thousands and thousands of people flooded the streets of Gold Coast creating an experience like no other. The games provided the Gold Coast city its largest sporting event ever. 


A total of over 6,000 athletes and team officials across 70 nations and territories, including 15,000 passionate and friendly volunteers converged in this sunshine city. 


As an aspiring educator and advocate of health in the form of a physiotherapist (allied health care practitioner) this opportunities to experience and contribute to the working together as a healthcare allowed me to gain a different perspective from the different health disciplines (Sports Doctors, Sports Physiotherapist, Sports Massage Therapist, Nurses and Athletic Trainers). Most importantly gaining an insight into an athlete’s psychological state of mind pre and post event, often coming and going in a blink of an eye (10seconds for those 100m sprinters). This informal research I conducted whilst working at the Games allows us physiotherapists, and the healthcare team to continually advance, and provide an athlete-centric holistic care to achieve the best possible outcome. 


Outside of work, I enjoyed the energy and vibe this event created! The famous quote by Dennis Brown, ‘Every day you learn something new’ became a definite theme through this experience. I learnt many things through engaging conversations with my colleagues and athletes. However, learning about each of the Commonwealth nations/territories, and their culture/languages was truly insightful. At night the city woke up from its sleep with many spectators, athletes, coaches and volunteers converging to view the festivals held each night spread across different locations in the Gold Coast. 


All in all, it is enlightening experience that I would recommend to all. Share the Dream!