Is The Keyboard Hurting Your Elbow?

Are You Playing Tennis With Your Keyboard?


Have you got elbow pain after typing on your keyboard all day?

Do you have problems gripping your phone, or turning your car keys?

Then you could have ‘tennis elbow’.


Tennis elbow is a common injury in both sporting and non-sporting populations. Fun fact – you don’t have to play tennis to have tennis elbow! Also known as  lateral epicondylagia, the condition is characterised by pain on the outside of your forearm. Pain worsens with bending of the wrist and gripping. Other symptoms include swelling, sensitivity to touch and weakness. 

Tennis elbow is a overloading issue, meaning your muscles and tendons have been overused. This is essentially exceeding the elbow’s tolerance to a particular weight or repetition.


Tennis elbow can have a number of causes. Repeated backwards movement of the wrist in sports such as tennis, golf and squash or excessive typing and poor posture can lead to tennis elbow. Activities such as these place strain on the muscles in the arm.


Unfortunately, tennis elbow takes time to heal.  If you don’t resolve the issue quickly, pain will persist and often worsen. Common treatments include:

  • Ice pack
  • Forearm stretches
  • Optimising sitting and standing positions/posture
  • Wrist strengthening exercises
  • Tennis Elbow Brace
  • Massages with creams

Anti-flamme is my preferred choice for any muscle and joint aches. In the video below, I explain how best to use Anti-flamme for forearm pain such as tennis elbow. 


If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort and you think it may be tennis elbow, our Physio’s are here to help!