Step by Step Series: Romanian Deadlift


So now that you all know how to do a conventional deadlift, it’s time for the Romanian Deadlift!


As we recall here is a bit of introduction information from my last blog:

Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

Starting position: Standing, bar/weight begins in air 

Movement: Isolated strength; Bar is lowered just under knees and raised up again thrusting hips forward and tightening glutes.

Muscles targeted: Glutes glutes, hamstrings, forearm flexors

Performance enhancements: increase hip mobility, glute and hamstring strength


So, in summary, these deadlifts are great if you want to workout the glutes and hamstrings more than in your conventional deadlifts.


These are also safest for those with lower back pain if done correctly. I would advise if you do have a bad back to consult with your physio or health professional before you attempt these. If you feel that you need a physiotherapy appointment before safely attempting, book in HERE

Step by Step Breakdown:

1.Start by holding the weight at mid shin, hinging at your hips and slightly at your knees(your bottom is not as low as in a conventional DL)

2.Slide the weight along your shins slowly extending your knees

3.Once you get to your knees, slide the weight along your thighs, bringing your hips forward(extending your hips

4.for the finish thrust into the bar tightening your glutes. Make sure that through the entire movement you are placing weight into the heels, driving them into the ground and you lift.

5.Now lower the bar going through the movements backwards 3-1


Now you give it a go!


Remember to use a lighter weight and practice the technique before upgrading in weight. To learn proper technique and figure out which deadlift is right for you, book in for an appointment with me HERE.


Your physio,