What Are The Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is a common occurrence in the general population and is something that can become chronic if it remains untreated. But what are some symptoms besides just pain in your back? 



stretching in the morning


Common symptoms 


Pain in or around your lower back 

It can be any sort of pain (dull, achy, sharp, burning, stinging). This pain can be caused by one of these or a combination of all: muscle spasm around your lumbar spine, restricted mobility, discomfort or pain in the pelvis and hips.


Pain in the buttocks, thighs and calves 

Lower back pain can sometimes refer into your buttock or down your leg into your calf and foot. This can present as a sharp/stinging pain, tingling/burning sensation or numbness. This is usually due to your sciatica nerve getting irritated. 


Pain with prolonged sitting or standing 

Sitting in a bad posture for sitting in general puts a lot of pressure on the disc in your lower back (axial compression). The same can be said for standing in bad postures, due to the pressure it puts on the disc in your lower back. 


Pain that is worse in the morning

This can due to stiffness from sustained postures, poor sleeping posture, quality of your mattress or pillow, or inflammation. This can also be caused by a poor night’s sleep and or stress. 


Symptoms you should never ignore!

  • Back pain + Loss of bladder and bowel control 
  • Back pain + unexpected weight loss 
  • Back pain + unrelenting pain in the abdomen


Be sure to read more about when back pain is serious.


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, have unrelenting pain, or if you cannot figure out what is affecting your sleep quality, give us a call at 8599 9811 or book in here and let us help you sort it out! 


By Physiotherapist, Vanessa Boon