Why am I always tired?

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
By Physiotherapist, Vanessa Boon


Do you ever wonder why you are always tired?

Are you struggling to get your 8 hours each night? 

Our Go to physio, Vanessa, gives you her top tips for a good night’s sleep!


The importance of sleep – 3 reasons why proper rest will help you from feeling always tired

  • Cell regeneration

Our brain rewrites itself while we are asleep. Think of sleep like our body’s daily biological maintenance, it is when most of our cell repair is done. While we are asleep, our skin cells regenerate along with our brain cells, it strengthens our memory and preserves the information processed during the day. 


Photo of dyed cells - sourced from National Cancer Institute Strengthening of your immune system 

Poor sleep = weaker immune system. Good sleep = stronger immune system. Your immune system regenerates and strengthens itself while you sleep. In simple terms, good sleep puts your body in a better position to fight off diseases and infections. Besides that, poor quality sleep directly affects your body’s production of antibodies. Reduce your risk of getting sick by getting a good night’s sleep! 

  • Mood regulation 

Your quality of sleep directly affects the quality of your daily life along with your mental and physical health. Without sufficient sleep, your brain does not have enough energy to regulate your mood and process emotional information. Sleep detoxes your body… quite literally!


Create your ideal sleeping environment so that you aren’t always tired.

  • Invest in a mattress that is suited to you (whether you are a back, side or front sleeper)
  • Temperature: whether you like it warmer or cooler pick what makes you feel the most comfortable (I would go for something cooler especially in this weather!)
  • Black out your room, keep it nice and dark when it is time to get some shut eye
  • Block out unwanted noise 


Sometimes your routine is causing you to feel tired all the timeWork with your body clock, not against it.

  • Practice good sleep hygiene (create a routine where you wake and sleep around the same time daily) 
  • Listen to your body (If you feel tired, go to bed. If you don’t, do something else for half an hour or so, try reading a book)
  • Bask in the sun (getting some vit D in the morning helps set your body clock) 
  • Know that more than 2 standard alcoholic drinks will affect your sleep quality – so if sleep is a struggle, cut back on your alcohol intake. 


Exercise at the right times! 

  • The best time to exercise is during the day 
  • Exercise can boost your sleep hormones (melatonin) and help you fall asleep quicker and get into deeper sleep 
  • It can also keep you up and alert (due to the cortisol your brain produces when you exercise) 
  • Rule of thumb: do not exercise 3 hours before bedtime


Get a pillow that suits your sleeping habits.

  • It does not matter how expensive or new your pillow is 
  • Your pillow just has to suit your sleeping style (front, side or back sleeper)
  • The trick is: pillow height and firmness! 
  • Side sleepers: something too soft or low will not support your neck throughout the neck resulting in a compression of one side and overstretching the other. 
  • Back sleepers: something too firm or high will push your head forwards resulting in overstretching the back of your neck as well as disrupting your airways 
  • Front sleepers: this is where it gets tricky but, anything too firm or high will push your neck into more of an extreme position which can overstretch one side and compress the other


The need for sleep – the proper amount will keep you from feeling always tired.

Contrary to popular belief that the older we get the less sleep we need, we in fact actually require at least 7 hours. Adults require around 7 – 9 hours of sleep while children require a few more. Bottom line, if you want to be healthy, pain free and generally more productive, get some good quality SLEEP! Keep in mind that you might always feel tired if you are sleeping too much, too. For those that are always tired, here are some tips to improve sleep quality: 




If you need any help finding the right pillow, if you have a niggly neck or upper back that is affecting your sleep quality, give us a call at 8599 9811 or book in here and let us help you sort it out!