Why choose an Exercise Physiologist?

by Rachael Kent, Exercise Physiologist 

Have you ever considered getting help from an Exercise Physiologist?

To stay healthy it is important to exercise regularly.
If you’ve joined the gym, downloaded a generic fitness app or bought some new exercise gear to get sweaty in but your pre-existing injuries from a decade ago have come back to haunt you this article will help you understand how exercise physiology can help you. 

Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals with the knowledge and skills to prescribe as well as deliver safe and effective exercise programs based on scientific principle. At Exercise Lab, we treat a whole range of clients, helping them handle various acute/chronic medical conditions, injuries and disabilities. Which brings us to the all-important question: why choose an Exercise Physiologist over a regular personal trainer? Simply put, you’ve got to put yourself first and when you give your body the best possible support it is guaranteed to work better for you. 

Here are some of the advantages of choosing an Exercise Physiologist: 

1. University Trained
A minimum of four years at university are required to complete and attain a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. We develop an in-depth knowledge of the human body, how it responds to exercise, as well as how medication, injuries and conditions can affect the way people move, feel and think. 

2. Scope of Patients
We are able to treat the general population as well as people living with musculoskeletal,  neurological, cardiovascular, mental health, cancer and metabolic conditions. Living with these conditions is often a life-long journey, so gaining advice from a health professional who is qualified to assess and prescribe physical activity helps to better manage your condition. 

3. Continuous Professional Development 
We have to complete a number of  additional professional education courses every year as these courses are the most up to date research delivered by allied health professionals. This is to ensure we are staying up to date with the most recent research & techniques to prescribe and deliver exercise

4. Allied Health Collaboration
We are responsible for providing updates to doctors about exercise prescription & progression as well as will liaise with all medical professionals you need to be the best possible outcome for your health. Our collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists, specialists and other allied health professionals is to deliver the best result for you. 

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