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Pip Tockuss
B. ClinExerPhys, ESSAM
Senior Exercise Physiologist

Senior Exercise Scientist

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About Me

Pip Tockuss is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise and Sports Scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia. She is enthusiastic about empowering clients to take control of their health through education and exercise. Pip has a strong passion for the musculoskeletal system, particularly creating strong preventative foundations to enable lifelong movement and mobility.

Pip’s love of movement began at a young age with her dedication to gymnastics, competing and coaching young athletes at an elite level for almost 20 years. She has delivered a broad range of movement programs to a full range of ages and diverse abilities. During her final years of study, she expanded her sporting knowledge while completing her internship with New South Wales Rugby League working as a performance analyst. More recently, she has worked within the area of body composition analysis, helping athletes to monitor changes to benefit their performance and guiding clients on their journey to better metabolic health.

Outside of work you can find Pip as a resident snowboarder in the mountains during winter or enjoying the sunshine paddling boarding throughout the summer.