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Rachael Kent
B.ExSci, M.ExPhys, ESSAM, AEP
Principle Exercise Physiologist

Principle Exercise Scientist

About Me

Rachael Kent is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Exercise Scientist with Exercise Sports Science Australia. She was awarded a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation in 2012, and achieved a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2011. Since completing her studies, she has done extensive professional development in a variety of areas including shoulder and neck rehabilitation, lower limb pathology and injury management, spinal strengthening and rehabilitation as well as women’s health workshops.

As an Exercise Physiologist, Rachael specialises in resistance-based exercise and movement for the prevention, management and rehabilitation of disease and injury. Her skills in exercise prescription, behavioural change and reducing future injury risk are essential to why she is very successful in assisting her clients to achieve their goals.

Rachael has a strong interest in helping people recover from musculoskeletal injuries, manage chronic conditions and implement programs to prevent chronic conditions, rehabilitation pre- and post-surgery, sports specific training, and addressing athlete training load. She believes that a holistic approach to exercise is the crucial foundation of a healthy lifestyle and improves the capacity to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.

She has played a variety of sports at the highest level and understands the importance for the human body to be functioning at its optimal best on a daily basis. Rachael utilises her experience from her sporting background which enables her to get the best out of her clients. She understands how important it is to plan and prepare to succeed and she specifically develops individualised programs for each client using appropriate evidence-based guidelines.

If you would like further information or want to book a consultation with Rachael, please call BOSIC on 8599 9811 or email