We floss our teeth, so why don’t we floss our joints and muscles?

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Voodoo flossing is a manual therapy technique utilising a compressive force aimed to improve joint range of motion and improve muscle length. The current body of research is of a low quality with inconsistent findings. There are no negative effects on performance, however it should be used with caution. 


There exact physiological process is unknown, but there are a few theories explaining it’s purpose and function.

1.  Improve muscle length through gliding

Through the compressive wrap/floss it aims to pin the muscle down in one position, as we move the muscles and joints through range of movement (e.g. squat), it will in turn lengthen the muscle itself and break up any fascial adhesions. 

2. Compression

Compression is a reduction in volume, in this instance created via wrap/floss around the body part (e.g. ankle or calf). As a result, it restricts blood flow causing an acute physiological response to the body part. After removing the wrap/floss a new blood supply permeates the area and flushes out the lactic acid to promote healing to the specified body part. 

3. Distraction Force

 A common technique used in manual therapy, the floss creates more space for the joint capsule to roll and glide (e.g. ankle for squatting). Thus, increasing the range of motion. 


Overall it suggests it will improve range of motion, prevent injuries and enhance your athletic performance!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Hope you’ve got something special planned for this wonder woman. Please don’t tell us it’s a bunch of Chrysanthemums – yes, we get that they end in “mums” – but they’ll justwither away. Fluffy slippers? Too fuddy-duddy. A box of chocolates? You’re going to gobble them all up, right? 

Never fear, BOSIC is here! We’ve got two great specials that for your mum (or even the mother of your kids) is going to really appreciate. Even better, you can book these specials through the entire month of May. After all, we believe Mother’s day should last all month!

Mother’s Day Massage Offer 

Mother’s Day Mum-to-be Offer


As women we tend to put ourselves last – the kids, the ageing parents, the partner, heck, even the family dog come before our needs. So let’s use Mother’s Day as a friendly reminder to take care of some small but significant life issues that need your undivided attention ASAP. 

May we remind you to… 

  • Find the right sports bra

The mere thought of “bra shopping” is daunting enough; even more so when you’re searching for a sports bra that’s supportive yet comfy. First, try on a sports bra and spot jog in front of a changing room mirror. If your breasts jiggle up and down too much, you’re not getting enough support. Next, reach your arms up overhead and circle them a few times in each direction. If the bra shifts, if the straps slip, or if it chafes, it’s not a good fit. 

  • Avoid hidden sugar

Sugar is everywhere – and is so addictive. If you’re the primary grocery shopper in your home, the best tip is to avoid bringing home the bad stuff in the first place. When you’re at the supermarket, scan the ingredients list. If a packaged product has sugar listed in the first five ingredients, avoid it like the plague. Also skip anything which contains syrup or ends in -ose (sucrose, maltose, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup). 

  • Do a breast self-examination 

Don’t put it off any longer – check your breasts regularly and get familiar with how they look and feel. Check all the way from your armpit right up to our collarbone. Look for lumps, thickening, dimpling, redness or flaky skin, nipple discharge, pain and change in shape or size. There are many tutorials online. Trust your gut instinct – if you feel something’s amiss, see a doctor immediately.