Fertility Acupuncture

By Jane (Pui Wah) Chan, Acupuncturist

What to expect on your first visits? 

Generally at your first Fertility Acupuncture visit, we will get a thorough understanding of your health conditions through asking a comprehensive list of questions related to your health concern such as the nature of your illness, medical history, lifestyle and diet etc. During Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/Acupuncture diagnostic techniques such as pulse palpating, face and tongue observation will also be used. 

I may recommend you to undergo a therapy plan with several courses of treatment pertaining for your conditions. Herbal medicine is often applied for fertility and chronic disorders.

Can complementary therapies support fertility? 

Many people use complementary or alternative therapies to improve their overall physical and emotional health. This could includes herbal, vitamin, mineral, nutritional and other supplements and therapies such as Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. 

Improve your general health is clearly beneficial for people who are experiencing fertility issues. 

Some of the key benefits of acupuncture during IVF/IUI/Fertility Cycles are: 

  • Stress reduction – calming of the sympathetic nervous system
  • Improved blood flow to ovaries and uterus
  • Improved pregnancy rates when combining IVF with acupuncture
  • Improved egg quality when starting acupuncture in advance of the IVF
  • Early pregnancy support to reduce miscarriage rates
  • Reduced side effects from IVF medications
  • Improvement of the uterine lining

    Does Acupuncture hurt? 

    Acupuncture can be pain free, some people do experience small amount of pain which they describe as ant bite sensation. 

    How long is the Acupuncture session? 

    Usually for an initial consultation including treatment, it takes approximately 45 minutes, where as subsequent treatments generally are around 30 minutes. 

    How should you prepare for the treatment sessions? 

  • Make sure you have something light an hour before the treatment and do not consume any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.
    (Receiving Acupuncture treatment on an empty stomach may cause dizziness after the treatment) 
  • Wear comfortable clothes 
  • Do not participate in heavy exercises right before the appointment

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Prevent A Sedentary Lifestyle Without Going To The Gym

BOSIC Specials

by Vanessa Boon, Physiotherapist

How do I prevent a sedentary lifestyle without going to the gym?

The answer is: incidental movement!

The risks of living a sedentary lifestyle

Most of us keep an hour aside daily for our physical activity. But when work gets busy, we are all guilty of the “I’ll go tomorrow instead” or “I’ll start again when work calms down,” and this is not good for our physical or mental health.

Besides that, working in a corporate environment, most of us sit for more than 6 hours a day. This has been shown to decrease the lifespan of men by 20% and women by 40%. A sedentary lifestyle also increases the risk of various lifestyle diseases and occurrences such as:

– Breast cancer by 21%
– Digestive tract cancer by 25%
– Diabetes by 27%
– Heart disease by 30%

Incidental movement, though not a straight hour of exercise, still counts as physical activity and leads to similar health benefits!

10 easy ways to increase incidental movement

1. Use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator
2. Cycle or walk to work
3. Get off the train/bus a couple of stops earlier and walk the rest of the way
4. Do a bit of housework daily
5. Go for a brisk walk before or after meals
6. Walk to and from the shops
7. Get up and move very 20-30minutes

8. Move as you talk (e.g walking to take a phonecall)
9. Use “TV time” as a chance to squeeze in a few exercises
10. Choose a cafe further away to grab your daily coffee!

The simple secret is: move more than you sit!

Here at BOSIC we believe in having a balanced lifestyle. Rest is amazing and great for your body, but during your waking hours get up, get moving and increase your incidental movement today! If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your day and need some advice, book in to see our Physio’s or Exercise Physiologist below: